The Meridian of Rhyme

by Qwiet

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released December 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Qwiet Los Angeles, California

Beats, Rhymes, Beautiful Things.

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Track Name: I Believe
I believe in the promise
honestly sometimes I struggle to keep it
there’s truth beneath it
I guess it's obvious
I believe in music. I believe in art
if we started together, how did we get so far apart?
I believe in the youth
props to those standing strong only believing in the truth
best believe it aint easy
the nightly news is proof
respect neglected, breath congested in every section
I believe in perfection, I know I'm not there yet
but I believe I can change, not gonna despair yet
I believe in the kingdom
and in the songs the choir sings even though I can't sing 'em
voices divine
I believe in the next step we’re taking after this
I believe in hope, I believe in happiness
I believe in hip-hop – it's been like a brother to me
the best thing he taught me is how to paint pictures of my life for others to see
to believe in being me
trapped in my own conscience I believe in being free
a student of the universe, I believe in science
believe when we get knocked down we gotta keep trying
I believe there's a reason for everything we go through
I believe without seeing
believe in being everything we're supposed to
I believe in believing
concede that I don't know all the answers
but one day I hope to
I believe in the feeling I get when holding this mic
like I’m speaking to heaven, or what I’m hoping it’s like
believe we’ve chosen this life, believe we’re older in spirit
believe me I can relate, it takes faith over fear and
I believe in success, I believe in failing
both essential to unveiling our potential as kings, queens, and all the rest
just being here we're blessed
I believe you would be beautiful... even fully dressed
I believe it’s time to move on
we’ve spent long enough believing The Great Deception
the new direction is up
the new weapon is trust in the war against mental terrorism
they’re everywhere with it - I’m looking where it isn’t
I believe in us
believe we can do it, believe we’re coming through it
that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
I believe in matter under mind
I believe in beats... you know I believe in rhyme
I believe in the revolution and what it’s about
I believe in evolution – we're evolving right now
I believe in creation, what you’re hearing is evidence
she told me about forever and I’ve believed ever since
I believe in the light though darkness is the present company
sitting in the midst of it I believe in standing for something
even if you don’t believe me
but if you do, let me know when you see me
Track Name: Top of the World
you are now rocking with the best emcee you never heard of
check this out ladies - don’t pull your shirt up!
gentlemen, don’t ask the ladies to shake something
settle down take a breath before you break something
who's that man behind the curtain?
it's not your father’s hip-hop, that’s for certain
it's your new summertime jam
it kinda makes you wonder who I am
on a plane so fly that I’m never gonna land it
I’m outstanding - in the rain
with the other 3 people who understand it
I guess its rock it science
my name is qwiet so I should rock it in silence
but silence wont stop the violence
and critics wont stop me
‘til I’m taking panoramic shots of paparazzi
yall look good, snap, snap
bring your hands together clap, clap

right now, I'm on top of the world
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
right now, I'm on top of the world

this right here
it's what happens when music meets the truth it's
rather amazing at times, other times it feels useless
flowing about the level I wanna be at
when all they wanna know about is celebrities in rehab
or which club they’re gonna meet at
not gonna lie, that didn't feel right, decided I couldn’t be that
but I could be this, I could be anything
and the harder it is, the more to me it’ll mean
deep in a dream I saw the vision come true
didn’t want to come to, flashbacks of lighter times
in my room writing rhymes while my peers
were in more altered states than this country’s first hundred years
so it’s no surprise I’m altering landscapes
in a world phonier than Hollywood handshakes
a glimpse of authenticity, a mainstream traitor
it’s not a good time to get me, maybe later

this is how it sounds before it all pays off
get on the bandwagon now
or be left on the ground when it all takes off
this the shining
you got about a minute left to make up your mind in
I’m too gospel, I’m not gospel enough
I rock ‘em too hard, I don’t rock ‘em enough
either way I lose, unless you choose to walk a mile in my shoes
two lefts with no laces
still going places, wearing through the soles I can feel the pavement
but the hope on their faces
is enough to keep recording observations for the Cambrian Soul
this world aint what I wanted I’m making it so
3 decades of patience, I’m taking it slow
better than I’ve ever been, got a long way to go
but that’s all for now, peace, ciao, please say it aint so
Track Name: The Truth feat. Playdough and Theory Hazit
they did it to me they’re gonna do it to you
they did it to me they’re gonna do it to you
they did it to me they’re gonna do it to you
it’ll be sweet when we hit ‘em with the truth

verse 1 (Playdough)
they hated Him they're gonna hate you
if they're loving a lie they're gonna hate truth
let em feel let em hear and see they do
need some grace how long did it take you?
there's no love for Him there's no love for me
but I got love for them learning my enemy
really aint that different than I was
seen a mirror and they look just like us
help me to see them like you saw them
to heal them, love, touch them and call them
to shake that stench of death right off them
to carry my cross daily and often
let it soften my heart, let's sink the truth in
wisdom and understanding introduced then
one heart, one love, one way
but there's only one truth and we gon' know one day

verse 2 (Qwiet)
hit ‘em with rhythm, rock with a cause
mixed with a little hip-hop renaissance
get em with deliberate thoughtful response
and dudes stop in their tracks... men-o-pause
chances I succumb and let this dumb stuff get me
about one in a hundred... million fifty
hungry for substance, something to lift me
becoming the covenant jump if you’re with me
naughty by nature, nice by design
stalwart cadence, tight with the rhyme
in all that is sacred, life intertwined
in the darkness of pavement the light gonna shine
nodding your head and stomping your feet it's
proof that the haters can’t stop the proceedings
truth is unchanging can’t control-alt-delete it
sooner or later we’re all gonna see it

verse 3 (Theory Hazit)
if the truth hurts
then it's nothing but pain in my verse
word is truth sets you free
from bondage, the massive key
is Jesus, he freed us
the absolute truth is he'll never leave us
only lead us to carry out the truth
we doing that in or out the booth
whether it's church or club
I hit it with that raw uncut no soda
wise like Yoda, yep
faith comes by hearing the word
and if it's presented right it's dope when it's heard
a lot of yall rappers wanna splurge
wanna receive but you never serve
never look for the world to approve
they hated Christ so they gonna hate you too

verse 4 (Qwiet)
hit ‘em with rhythm, rock with a cause
mixed with a little hip-hop renaissance
get em with deliberate thoughtful response
and dudes stop in their tracks... men-o-pause
chances I succumb and let this dumb stuff get me
about one in a hundred... million fifty
hungry for substance, something to lift me
becoming the covenant jump NOW
Track Name: To the Sky feat. Cody Wood
this is for the girl who just got in another fight with her parents
another night just staring at the ceiling
feeling like there's no one that really cares if she's there or not
she's got friends and enemies, trends and envy, gets compared a lot
for the girl under pressure
her boyfriend will think less if
she doesn't sext him the message
about to give it all up
man these boys and man these poisons
so many choices & voices - why is it on us?
for any girl that ever thought she didn't fit in
or was mocked for religion, or ever thought to stop living
for the girl so rich that she'd sport nothing short of a Benz
for the girl so poor she couldn't afford the rims
for the girl by the candlelight
trying to hold the camera right
gotta get the angle right
this facebook candid has gotta be off the handle right?
things would be grand if like she only had the life
this is for the jealous
for the wannabe Bellas, Britneys, Kardashians
Kate Middletons, Beyonces
soul surfers and soul searchers
wondering about the whole purpose of this so-called life
what's my sole purpose? nothing ever goes right
for the girl reading the script on the elliptical at LA Fitness til they close
for the girl buying clothes like they're going out of style
for the girl running alone
for the girl coming home that hasn't been home in a while

lift your head
lift your eyes to the sky
it spells your name
lift your feet
your heart, and start to believe
you're meant to dream big dreams

for every awkward stance at every awkward dance
every awkward glance longing for him to approach her
but he just walks past with friends, put the cap on the lens
the last song ends and the last door closes
for any girl hoping for roses but getting dirt
hoping to be noticed or hoping to get over getting hurt
this is for the unspoken, for the ones broken
just trying to hold on to hope when things are only getting worse
for the girl going through a divorce
the wife or the daughter, for the girl with no father
no prospects and no options
for the locker room girl, for the thoughtful girl
for every been through a lot girl (I see you)
for the single mom pushing the stroller uphill
both ways she knows pain she holds face but still
she's fighting back tears, been a mighty bad year
dreams as a child never looked quite like what I have here
for the girl with regrets, neglecting self-respect
for the girl giving everything until she's got nothing left
for the girl reminiscing on what could have been
for the girl settling cuz there's not enough good men
for the girl with the perfect life
husband and kids, everything working right
for the girl that's wondering if that stuff exists
this is for the lonely
for the girl searching for something
and wondering what that something is

I'm only a man I can only imagine what you go through
just want you to understand this image - there's no limit to the finish that you can go to
what if I told you that you hold the torch?
you're the source, you're the lantern
to hold men to a higher standard
you hold the power
in this stampede through the orchard you're the hope for the flowers
you're the sunshine you're the rain
you make everything more beautiful
without you music wouldn't be musical
poems wouldn't be poetic
you set the tone
you possess strength you've never known, forever glowing
like a precious stone in the evening, the best achievement of eden
when I say you're never alone - I really mean it
when you're dreaming keep believing it'll be true
keep the persistence, conviction, and the vision to see it through
keep improving on yourself, know that every time you
are wishing you were someone else, someone's wishing to be you
so take control and own it
one day he's gonna ask you to dance
and when he does he'll be worthy of the moment
time frozen like a broken iphone and
on some Jill Scott notion living life like it's golden
you are amazing
i wish i could put a mirror in the sky so you can see you when you're star gazing
shining your divine nature, you're fine aint you?
in his greatest landscapes Monet couldn't paint you
I admire your radiance, hope you never hold it back when
they come to attack it
I guess the plan is to damage the perfect workmanship
your body is a temple
they attempt to burn it down so there's nothing left to worship in
these words inadequate to say nothing exceeds you
I'm sorry it's way long, that's how much time that I needed to
explain why I believe in you, I hope that you proceed to
stay strong and be you
please, we need you
Track Name: No Excuses
I can't dance I can’t sing I can’t get my voice right
no matter what I choose I just can’t get the choice right
I've made mistakes that I can't come back from
aint got what it takes - don't even have some
i can't forgive, I can't forget what they told me
can’t live, I’m scared to death, please hold me
gotta do the same thing that everyone else is
I can’t help myself I’m so helpless
I don't want to stand out, I just want fit in
I don't want to stand up, much simpler to sit in
feel like I got a gift, I’m afraid to unveil it
I can’t take the chance though - I’m too afraid of failing
I can never love again cuz I was once heart broke
want to learn to make art, heard it's too late to start though
life is so hard, all I got is problems
I'll stall any day to find any way to solve em

one life to life, one life to lose
one life to win, one life to choose
no excuses

I’m from the side of the tracks where nobody makes it
matter of fact forget it I think I’m just gonna get wasted
I’m just not wired right - got a short circuit
I'm too tired and I've decided that life's just not worth it
I'm the great no hope, my folks didn't have much
you know hard times and such - that's my crutch
I'm from a small town i can't do big things
don't follow me I don't want to be - it stings
I can't get off this couch please stop nagging me
I keep eating and sleeping and reading these magazines
I can’t evolve dog, i'm too set in my ways
I spend most all of my nights just kinda... regretting my days
I can’t ball I can't call I don't talk right
I can’t run a marathon - I don’t walk right
my chance to fly, I'll walk right by it
I can’t speak to the world cuz I’m too quiet

bobbing and weaving, check the intensity
believing even with all odds stacked against me
a living legend present, capable of anything
transcendent, unbreakable if anything
more than human genome I’m a human phenom
a mutant mix of twisted physics, this is my theme song
the course I be on, something divine
the darkest horse in the race, coming from behind
yeah I’m a long shot, so was Joan of Arc, David
Buster Douglas, team USA - 1980
do you believe in miracles or make them happen?
do you make your fait or just take it as fait would have it
they’ve never seen a passion quite like mine
they’ve never seen a moment of truth last a lifetime
pressure is just the stage heroes that get amped on
time fades... we close like champions
Track Name: Arcs of Life
my first breath the first step toward immortality
the second step escaping the second death
like a play in the big game with only seconds left
the past can't intercept the future formality
before the emcee the beat was made fresh
the crowd blessed as the Word was made flesh
the creator and mediator of the new covenant
in him was life and the life was the light of man
and we can shine because of it
3 magnitudes of luminosity to choose
part carbon, part heart, part philosophy
started hard-hearted the hardest part sparked my curiosity
how could 6 days equal 15 billion years?
how could rising mist equal 6 billion children here?
its becoming clear, consider relativity
consider eternal life, consider captivity
envisioned vividly - the imagery of an artist
parting light and darkness in the 11th hour harvest
stardust is breathing there’s gotta be a reason
all receive the light is his own time in his season
since the garden was seeded eastward in eden
life is half what you make it, half what you believe in

these poems sown in weakness, raised in power
phoned home, promised to be home by the final hour
the fog rolls vision limited
darkness inhibiting making my way by faded street lights
holdin on, going on through sour days and sweet nights
these scarred knuckles mark some pretty sweet fights
protection of freedom what it amounts to
hearken the deception or hearken the counsel
a third ignored the warning, woke up with the son of the morning
by afternoon began the swoon it happened soon
the eternal atrocity, terminal velocity intact
no parachute can soften the impact
(ouch) that’s gotta smart
if you had a body that would probably leave a mark
the children of light fight through the dark
these arcs of life just part of a perfect circle that ends where it starts

these are the generations of hope
hoping a generation is relating to the pages that I quote
hope in the promise made that we know wont be broken
hope in the atonement now and when the heavens open
many are called few are chosen - few choose to the answer the call
let it ring off the hook but to let us off the hook one answered them all
and that bond will never cease - the bond of perfectness and peace
every ear shall hear, every knee shall bow
every tongue shall confess, I know the purpose now
I know the rationale, know what this life is all about
shouting from rooftops, boomboxes loud
we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed
the trumpet sounds, things around here will never be the same
the day we wake and we can say we made it
then the dust returns to the earth and the spirit unto God who gave it
Track Name: CinematiQ
he crawls back to his feet, he's gotta keep running
scraped knees, no retreat, these enemies is cunning
keeps looking over his shoulder to see if he can see 'em coming
it's getting colder and dusk is upon him
dried tears and distressed facial features
blood crusted jeans and a sweat-stained t-shirt
throat dry... thirsty, a migrane, a fever
and a fractured femur only some of the ways that he hurts
dark alleys, stark contrasts
mini-marts, parks, and valleys
mark the tally on the contract
thought he was far beyond that
his heart rallies but it just sparks the combat
seeking freedom, he ends up in scuffles
torment and threats what he gets for his troubles
shoes wet from all the stepping in puddles
he tries to yell out for help but it just gets muffled
he treads ahead but he just gets the feeling
he's trying to reach the ceiling in an escher building
or get rescued in a section the rest were killed in
worse yet he doesn't get if he's the villian
or the hero
all he knows for sure is losing his pursuers
now he's moving through a forest
not certain but the bird chirping seems recorded
every tree arranged like a bouquet from a florist
pictured home, then it became one
interweaved like a scene from 'What Dreams May Come'
that black cat he passed - was that the same one?
gasps as he grasps that he's right back where he came from
world spinning around him
folding up old memories surround him
broken silence - who let the sound in?
oh, cover blown, somehow they found him
whipped and imprisoned by misinformation
it's his own conscience they hit him in the face with
looking grim vision tinted with hatred
just then he remembers a glitch in the matrix
if he can just resist the tricks he can make it
move with the blueprint, wait to escape it
the next chance he gets he takes it
breaks free from the pain and chains that they had him constrained in
heads for the mountains, the past behind him
with every inch in elevation he's gaining strength, climbing
rising to heights so high they can never find him
brighter and brighter the sky is shining
above the clouds smells the air hears the trumpet
sees the glory, his story triumphant
feeling the rush from being something
in the masterpiece, can't believe he's the one that's
in the scene when the camera pans through
360 degree panoramic view
and a wide-angle lens to understand it through
comprehends there's nothing he can't do
so peaceful, he can make amends now
sees the reasons things make sense now
every time up he's swinging for the fence now
now he knows what's up and why it went down
illumination like the type that could lead you
the light unlike the kind that you could read to
it was when he saw what lied within him that he knew
heartbeat is more than rhythm we bleed to
so beautiful, so painful
so tumultuous, so tranquil
so overwhelmed, so thankful
the door was open, and he came through
looking back, the adventure, the searching
with a different perspective to observe it
all the imperfections, it was perfect
hectic, stakes was high, it was worth it
oh.. another test, what about it?
now he sees every endeavor as another challenge
nothing better when they sweat him and they doubt him
whenever they bet against him you can count it
he made it out and he's never going back in
stepping up first in line when it happens
this time more answering, less asking
the grime is nothing when the shine is everlasting
any road, any given intersection
these waterfalls, a living reflection
winds of change just giving him direction
same life, a different inflection
same show, a whole new venue
new faces in the crowd, new events to attend to
no limits this journey can't extend to
and what happens next - to be continued...
Track Name: Illusions
oh, no, uh uh fooled by illusions
oh, no, uh uh confused by illusions
oh, no, uh uh these stupid illusions
no, no, i wont be fooled

On a silk persian rug they found her comatose
heartbeat stolen by a drug overdose
the outcome obvious but no one could stop it
money not an object parties, sex and shopping
she was living the life, living the dream
but it seems the dream ever means ampehtamines
todays train wreck yesterdays big thing
queen of the big screen at sweet sixteen
at every premiere they flocked for blocks to see her
every teenage girl in the world wanted to be her
lights, camera, action, she’s giddy
it's actually happening she’s traveling to the city
nothing this hot could ever veer cold
at the end remembered, she was eleven years old
told her dad and mom "I’d give my life to be famous"
sadly ironic that statement she made is

welcome to the show I promise its all real
and what's not my boss got to me promise to conceal
come on and take a tour of movie star homes, see the movie star clones
this here is broken dreams avenue-- oops
I mean Hollywood boulevard
the sky is a little dark but the sidewalk is full of stars
here's last resort drive, or Laurel Canyon
go north to abandon any moral companion
they come with such high hopes for Cali
end up down low in the San Fernando Valley
wait… I mean they live happily ever after
you and you and you, you could all be famous actors
we promise happiness now isn’t that nice?
your soul is for sale and we’ll give you half price
if we could give you less, hey, we probably would
hooray for hollywood

can I take your coat?
i'll take your dignity too
here's my business card
but you won't really need it cuz by the end of the evening
it'll be imprinted in you
sit back, relax, and enjoy the hors d'oeuvres
for the main course we got a smorgasbord
music awards, assorted billboards, primetime innuendo
movies as raunchy as possible
it won't taste great, let's pretend though
later we can play some video games too
I got this great new game - you
peep the size of these pockets
the greatest shock divided by the least common denominator equals profits
just watch the watch you are getting sleepy
every dark slumber is a credit card number
ask me how high when I say quick jump!
...seedy executive fist-bump
Track Name: My Word feat. Braille and Manchild
getting nice, nothing like what yall heard
move your hands to the left, to the right, put 'em high if yall concur
find the light let it shine so bright that the night’s insecure
true to life when the mic unites with the mind you got my word

verse 1 (Braille)
when I jump on the track better saddle up
I leave toe tags on the cut notepads filled up with the goodness
flow with my foot loose, proclaim the good news
this is my gift I put it to use
I use words put em on beats I choose words wisely
cuz the blind lead the blind so often
and in my heart been soften
the enemy is stalking to see who he can put in the coffin
and I'm sick with it my symptom is
hard to diagnose it's not simple
but the harder man is sinful
so let's start this, start arguing
many are just starving for attention
they'd rather gain acceptance
I already learned my lesson
my word is meant to be a refreshment
but it's all about perspective
it could be a bitter blessing
but in the end I wanna see you sitting in the winning section

verse 2 (Manchild)
you got my word and the ones that follow close by
pushed together spelling freedom can't see it with the closed eye
blind to the fact of the matter for their whole lives
yelling my word with the attitude that don't lie
this is both sides flipped to the opposite
playing the wall politics not stating the obvious
whatever party is poppin is where my body is
keeping it really is not about how hard you live see that's the farthest low rent regardless
the word is love direct to where the heart is
my arrow strike in the middle part of the target
and little by little I'll touch enough of this market
place my deposit on words and life living
to my people got a feeling they're locked in life's prison
I'm kickin it straight and I'm willing to say
it's my word but I'll give it away

verse 3 (Qwiet)
let me state for the record, first things first
mics were definitely hurt in the recording of this verse
equations and functions, can’t be making assumptions
about the basic instructions before leaving Earth
so I’m asserting certainties, serving these words fervently
furthering the movement of making movements
and discerning what the moves meant, they say man can dude vent
it’s how I make change with my two cents
the dusk of hip-hop - not enough light
are there too many emcees and not enough mics
or too many mics and not enough nice emcees?
no question we got plenty with degenerate rhyme disease
speaking tongues of nonsense and irreverance
like the parents of the fresh prince I just don’t understand
how you can sit and slander those that stand for something
while you’re trapped in the back of uncle sam’s undies
know it sounds harsh, those are the facts though
someday America will grow a backbone
Ventura Boulevard to back home backyards back to Montana back roads
backgammon and back hoes
a back-load of sentiment for the benefit of strangers
medicine for language
consonants constantly sick, vowels afflicted
verbs disturbed by the sound of nouns
sentences build we get ill
Track Name: Rap Cliché
please pardon the interruption of corruption consumption
the coming eruption is a function of necessity
a pungent amongst em I summon the gumption
to dump the assumption that I bump junk incessantly
your dilligent pillaging, willingly kill a being
if it brings a million things philosophy a silly thing
your skill is the ability to kill responsibility? quite the atrocity
is that honestly the best you can do?
you rock like mediocrity got the best of you
don’t you ever stop and give a second thought
to the nonsense plot you’re attesting to?
we stay sedated, faithfully awaiting
the day we're escaping from the quagmire
wonder what it’ll take to break the embrace
but for now contemplate the satire

if I say something dumb hollar back ok
shake something fast or just clap ok?
No idea what I’m saying but that‘s ok
sumthing sumthin sumthin, rap cliché!
the honeys and the moneys they stack I say
was high when I wrote this I have to say
drink something foul so you can act that way
grunt, shout, rap cliché!

if I say something dumb hollar back ok
something dumb... ok
don't mind if my rhymes are all wack ok?
yada yada yada, rap cliché!
yhe honeys and the moneys they stack I say
I was high yo – I know, no way!
drink something foul so you can act that way
grunt, shout, rap cliché!

spinnin them rim and them synonyms dimming 'em
enlisting em givin' em a complex of greed
subliminally condition em position em with minimum ambition
so they consider what they want is need
constantly modeling debauchery hit the lobotomy lottery
got autonomy on your health gotta be following the popular monotony
the solemn anomaly is thinking for yourself
lechery, decadence, sex and lies
not that perplexnig to conceptualize
expensively extenstively secularized
we can expect nothing less than perpetual demise
let me guess – my epistle is pitiful
you're quick to ridicule my train of thought
but if you only listen to what they conditioned you I’m confused
who's really brainwashed?

shake it, twist it, fake it, flaunt it
come on, back it up, jump up on it
make sure it's tight, or just remove it
do something crude or rude or stupid
some other nonsense, blah blah
ooh ooh la la, goo goo ga ga
do a sexy rub and offend someone
get sweaty in the club and pretend it's fun
Track Name: Something So Amazing feat. Maurice
good news, good times, good food, good people
good music, good vibes, good moods, good and evil
it's good to be here, truly elucidating
it feels good to be moving with something so amazing

verse 1 (Qwiet) What up yall
nice to be with everyone on this lovely evening
come from all different cities, one state of mind we’re leaving in
being in tune with the music and the message we
sense the heavenly when we commune collectively
a true story of transformation into believing it
from a man into a manifestation of being it
the freedom felt being self, nice to meet me
where have I been my whole life? I complete me
what a marvelous sight to see things as they really are
there’s a reason why beauty always seems so familiar
just need to be getting up, getting out, getting on
speaking peacefully in the moment but don’t get me wrong
only after many trials exists this edition of me
come what may and love it unconditionally
discovering trouble in the hustle not unusual
we can’t elude the struggle but we can make the struggle beautiful

verse 2 (Maurice)
the bigger they come harder they fall
sometimes just moving forward in life makes it more difficult
everything you see around you has the right to exist
some people fight with their minds, others fight with their fists
we either write with a twist
or get right to the point
life equals freedom, but tell me do we fight for a choice?
you have a right to a voice
you should speak it more frequent
you never know the type of people you might be reaching
so many praying for evens with odds against them
instead of realizing that they're probably blessings
I should probably mention I'm a victim of pain
I'm from a different world but we're one in the same
what I'm really just saying is that life is amazing
and often becomes more beautiful after patience
it's not a vacation it's just what you fill life with
and everyone has choices I choose to fill mine with...

verse 3 (Qwiet)
refinement and rubbish, the airtime disproportionate
ask yourself if there’s money involved – well of course there is
this track a little different, you can tell by the sound of it
act to counteract the damage to my planet’s countenance
it's ok, you can smile, if you don’t want a parent to see
you can text message me, that’s colon parentheses
meant to be aspiring improving with every day that goes
by start being, carpe diem like the saying goes
a lot of time spent researching what the purpose is
but we need to understand the soul before we go searching it
crack the right cases, find the right places to look
I don’t know - maybe less facebook and more faces and books
like Illmatic "it aint hard to tell" when it’s
right – can feel the light, wisdom, truth and intelligence
Avatars on this Pandora of possibilities
no time to waste, gotta start fulfilling these
Track Name: How It Ends
I wanna know how it ends
tell me how, tell me when
How’s it all gonna end?
I wanna know how it ends
tell me now, tell me when
How’s this all gonna end?

kindness without orders, doctors without borders
earthquake victims healed by hands of philanthropy
blood and organ donors enormously important to new owners
after a calamity habitat for humanity
big brothers big sisters wishes granted amidst prolific damage
firemen rising through the ashes
policemen taking one for the team
what’s the old adage about the crop and the cream?
cool green waterfalls under a warm blue sky
sunshine after a thunderstorm
rainbows, angels in plain clothes
faith built to last long
the same goes for courageous youth still standing strong
animal shelters, stopping for strangers to help them
a mother’s welcome to a newborn the joy as she held him
felt his heartbeat, gonna help him start sweet
impart wisdom, this little infant part heaven, part me
helping hands, cancer re-search and rescue
prayers answered, many lives is blessed through
shows of sincerity, hope and charity in moments of clarity
graveyards of bravehearts, died protecting us
soldiers stepping up in the allegiance of freedom when we need ‘em
epidemics unexpectedly cheated, deadly infections treated
death defeated in emergency rooms
new energy blooms, conscious of the planet
the privilege of living is not taken for granted
red cross, united way, unity
cultivating community, every day an opportunity
donations to build schools, dedicated teachers
underappreciated victors, unsung victories
math science and history
social studies show that what our children know
is how far everybody goes
good reports, good sports
athletes volunteering at childrens hospitals
anything's possible after visits from heroes
citizens bureaus organizing for good
neighbors rising in the hood
doing everything they could going above and beyond
paying it forward nothing short of the importance we agree on
just one of those days when it all feels right
rest your head on the pillow and enjoy a peaceful night

face in her hands crying a grandmother stood mourning
anything but a good morning
global warming looms taste the rainforest fumes
typhoons and monsoons, lewd media consumed
selling sex explicitly, multibillion dollar porn industry
buildings fall, the concrete grieves for what is done
abandoned children call for anyone
corrupt governments ignoring immortal imprints
stooped in defiance nuclear giants, ethical infants
lost in holocaust men of pride and genocide
drug lords above laws let all the peasants die
dog fighting, smog stifling
fraudulent white collar stock titans all licensed for greed
seeds of ignorance grow into jungles of hatred
once glorious paintings now jumbled and faded
humble and sacred disgraced, believing is blasphemy
underhanded strategy, family dismantling conditions diminishing hippocritical politicians petitioning for positions of power
money the mission in the seedy coalition
every time I watch television I feel like I need a shower
economy bottoming, a lot of following and gossiping
wallowing in shame but we’re probably gonna claim
nonchalance - today’s common response to the crisis
too many invasive surgeries, now spineless
sober slightly, drunk driving
stuff that what was once thunk of highly now highly unlikely
oil spills, black beaches
the turmoil builds attacks frequent treaty and contract breaches
kids trained to kill in the middle east
kids trained to kill in the middle of our streets
on city blocks stray shots spray the playgrounds
little kids playing hopscotch drop and stay down
terrorists concoct plots of bombing nations
noxious thoughts and communication, secret combinations
innocence shaken by promiscuity
breaking the promise of beauty chastity hastily chastened
chasing illusions in the wake of confusion
profusion of lust rapists slither in seclusion
flesh peddlers sell girls, collusion unforgiven
slaves of prostitution, masters of perdition
aids, brain tumors, wars and rumors of wars
the whole earth in commotion, men’s hearts are failing them
the assailing of anything pure, virtuous and lovely
the free reign of the hurtful and ugly
something aint right it’s no secret what it is
we can all feel it, we can all see what it did
a timeless people but in this world we gotta live
in the fight of good and evil something’s gotta give

the earth burned, every corruptible thing consumed
the elements melted, the most virtuous exhumed
rise and shine as the brightness of the firmament
it’s finally time to take flight and they’re deserving it
out with the old all things shall become new
dreams comes true, freedom becomes you
lost notes back on the beat, rhythm restored
glory in four words - the kingdom is yours
after all the trials and tribulation in the last dispensation
the powers of heaven shall be shaken
the sun hides it’s face and the moon without light
stars hurled from their places, faces of amazement
tears of joy nothing to fear though
about to hear the real mccoy so lend me an ear yo
offended countrymen, romans and friends make amends
the suffering ends when the king descends
all come forth from the four quarters of the earth
to observe the birth, the millenial dawn
divine deliverance drawn, a portrait of transformation
upon the canvas of the emancipation undergone
no longer pawns in the great deception
we’re stronger now, we honor the great redemption
whatever a man shall ask, it shall be given to him
infinite knowledge and wisdom instantly given through him
no sorrow, no illness, no death
touch the stillness, take a breath
behold the brilliance with darkness destroyed
the ministering of angels, gravediggers unemployed
in the barren deserts pools of living water
brothers and sisters, sons and daughters
relying on trust, the lion lay with the lamb
harmony in Zion, none can stay his hand
swords to plowshares, no one about theirs
no war, no temptation, no enemy out there
the enmity of all flesh shall cease
he’s bound, it’s the world renowned thousand years of peace
then one final night
the dark armies gather for one final fight
and get jettisoned as outer darkness denizens
again heaven wins
the millennium ends and forever begins
Track Name: Never Enough
pull the plug, shut it down
surrender the mic, cut the sound
pack it all up, cut it out
drop the pen, you're done now
rinse the brush, close the book
say goodbye but you don't get to look
3rd quarter 5 minutes left... game over
but I'm just trying to make this go
how am I gonna explain this though
how am I supposed to sail the boat
when I'm just trying to stay afloat
the more I paddle the more I'm drowning
the more I scream the worse I'm sounding
gasping for breath
if I have any left
how come all my aspirations
gotta be like exaspirations
patience always masquerading
promise always has me waiting
always gotta stop to eat
always gotta stop and sleep
this body trapping my soul
let me go
all the aces I'll never show
all the places I'll never go
all the pages I'll never know
all the amazing I'll never behold
so much life I want to live
so much left I gotta give, tragically
I'm out of time - my point exactly

all i got
all my hope my strength my soul
it's never enough
all i got
all my hope my strength my soul
it's never enough

always waking me when I'm dreaming
always draining me of any meaning
berating me from the corner of my screen and
chasing me to another meeting
always two steps ahead of me
I try to step cleverly
but these shoes I can't fill
hurry up! ... stand still
running in place jumping hurdles
faster and faster they come hurtful
while you just sit there and observe it
1 through 12 just going in circles
in such a cowardly way - you're so redundant
24 hours in a day? I need about a hundred
every minute every second
just submitting to the pressure
sitting sifting through the wreckage
of another stupid checklist
my burdens provoking me
it feels like time is choking me
a rope necklace
so relentless
get up out of bed then off to work
I wish I could stop this clock work
take a rock and smash those hands
make them ticks and tocks hurt
see what power the hour has
after I shatter the hourglass
the sand drops
I stand and watch

the worst three words - wait and see
living in a blur of latency
changing the world is breaking me
but breaking free is changing me
gotta keep moving forward
my people - moving for em
let's see some new horizons
new forms rising
shake em and make em wonder what
just hit em in the face like an uppercut
faithful as the sun coming up
at the end of the day another comes
I kinda find it kinda stunning
it kinda reminds me of something
the world churns... the world turns
and it'll still be turning when i'm ninety
still be burning still be grinding
still be searching still be finding
still be learning still be shining
the numbers on the stopwatch
same as the numbers on the hopscotch
so whether it's race or a game it
just depends on the arrangement
I guess the better perspective is
to sweat and make the best of it
forever holds the rest of it
when I go i'm leaving everything
if there's one thing I know it is
no matter how dark the street I got hope in it
as long as I got a heartbeat I'm gonna flow with it

everybody go home
take your coats and your phones and your sno-cones
freeze the memories with one last photo
dance in slo-mo
chant the oh-ohs ... oh-oh!