Fear is Over feat. Lee Green

by Qwiet

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like a vintage photo with a view of the ocean
vision tinted with a hue of hope and
a glimpse from a window usually open
noticed today was broken
smoke creeping in through the screen
slithering slowly into the scene
no flashing lights no cinema strings
these nightmares slip right into my dreams
getting hot yearning for fall
but it's only June
wondering am I learning at all or just learning to fall
hurt we all know no one's immune
no one wanna be harmed
we're all in the battlefield gotta be armed
just struggling saints, reluctant soldiers
surrender and fold when it's oh so close
behold how false and unsteady
the hearts of the children of men so heavy
no trust, stuck in the escrow
can't let go from the get go, get ready
been down this road, parts of path beat
try to be still but my heart's in a track meet
how could my own heart attack me?

heart don't fail me
why do you look below
more than ever before
your redemption is closer
believe, and fear is over
the fear is over
the fear is over

in this corner me
in the other corner me
same fighter, different senseis
it's a fight to the death
what's right? what's left?
stuff they invent they do
to drown out the truth in a cacophony of lies
at the bottom of the box they offer me a prize
no conscience, autonomy dies
surprise, I'm giving it all for
the light and the life and the living agua
living water in a different habla
sons and daughters, mothers fathers
families attacked like they're on pearl harbor
sanctity left at the altar
the end of what could of been the start of
the best part of life we could have been a part of

though the waves of this earth may thrash around
since I know it's maker I wont drown
heart don't look down don't fail me now
don't don't look down don't don't look down
the cares of this world may scream so loud
they can never cancel trumpet sounds
I believe He's coming in the clouds
lift up your head don't don't look down

not afraid of the storms, I dance in the rain
the beat don't stop, I can handle the pain
for the acumen gained
stopped questioning for a second and the answers came
the wind blows the crimson and clover
whispering the win we can go for
getting clearer and closer
faith begins when fear is over


released December 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Qwiet Los Angeles, California

Beats, Rhymes, Beautiful Things.

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